PDF document FDDPMA User Guide
This PDF document is a comprehensive guide that covers most of the FDDPMA application. A must read for a new user.

PDF document Guide For Chief Programmers
The document describes the typical activities that Chief Programmers perform during FDD iteration. It also explains how a Chief programmer may use FDDPMA to handle work packages. The document was written for "Software Architecture and Engineering" course at Harvard University.

PDF document Design for FDD project management application
The document is a thesis for final project at Harvard University. It describes the initial design of FDDPMA, including problem domain modeling, UI mockup screens, database schema, as well as the application development process. Please note that the document was written for version 1.0 of FDDPMA and may not reflect the current state of application.

PDF document FDDPMA Translation Guide
As of version 1.4.3 FDDPMA supports internationalization (i18n). A user may choose the language for application’s user interface. The version 1.4.3 supports the two languages: English and Russian. This document is intended for the developers who need to translate FDDPMA to a different language. It is also useful for those who have the earlier version installed, and needs to upgrade to the latest version.

flash movie 1. Creating a new project
This video tutorial shows how to create a new FDD project from scratch. It then shows how to record features for the project, assign them to subject areas and business activities.

flash movie 2. Browsing the project hierarchy
This video tutorial explains how to navigate through the project hierarchy. It also shows how to assign planned dates to the aspects and business activities.

flash movie 3. Recruiting the project team
This video tutorial shows how to configure the development team for a project. The project membership gives the developers access to the project information in FDDPMA. The tutorial also explains how to copy the team from an existing project.

flash movie 4. Recording source code ownership
This video tutorial discusses benefits of code ownership and explains how to keep the code owners in FDDPMA

flash movie 5. Workpackages: implementing the features
This video tutorial explains workpackages. It demonstrates how to create a new workpackage and add features to it. It also shows how to move features through the implementation cycle.