What is FDD?
FDD stands for Feature Driven Development. This is one of the agile (aka lightweight) software development methodologies. One of the most famous agile methodologies is eXtreme Programming (XP). FDD emphasizes development in short iterations, each iteration adds a number of features into a product. A feature is a small piece of functionality that is useful for a customer. Unlike XP, FDD pays more attention to software modeling. It also includes reporting and tracking, which makes it attractive for corporate development. For more information visit FDD community web site.

What is FDD Project Management Application?
FDDPMA is a web-based application that manages software projects. It facilitates iterative development by reducing FDD management overhead, producing graphical progress reports, providing a workplace where all the FDD related documentation is collected.

FDDPMA is an open-source project. Java developers may download its source code, compile and install the application on their own servers. Those who do not want to deal with FDDPMA installation may use this site to manage their FDD projects. For more information see the tutorials.

Source code of FDDPMA application is available at SourceForge.net. Use SourceForge.net services to report bugs, request enhancements and download the latest versions of FDDPMA.

Log in to the FDDPMA here: http://www.fddpma.net